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The results are in, and our floral prom dresses are topping the charts. Our prom dress floral collection blends classic charm with modern finishes, resulting in gorgeous gowns for any style. They’re all hand-sewn, and they express the feeling of spring like no other.  

This prom dress collection includes everything—from tiny flower patterns to fancy evening cuts. Our expert designers have made sure you will look good in every setting, so choose from different colors and find the perfect prom dress for your unforgettable night.

Floral Prom Dress Collection

Prepare to shine in a floral prom dress that shows off both your femininity and charm. Our collection has patterns as lively as springtime blossoms, offering many styles to match your individuality.

We provide full-length gowns and playful cocktail dresses, so there is something for every taste preference. So, check out our designer gowns and find the ideal floral outfit for your special evening. It is not only trendy but also ethereal—just like the woman you are!

Unique Designs

Minna’s floral prom dress collection is not made of just clothes; they represent both gracefulness and distinctiveness. Every design is made with great care, paying serious attention to every small aspect and showing a true passion for the art of creating fashion. This results in one-of-a-kind pieces that will make a unique impression every time. 

Quality Fabrics

At Minna Fashion, we take great pride in the superior quality of our dresses. This starts with the careful choice of materials. We search for the best fabrics to create every piece so that it looks and feels amazing on your body. Our prom dress floral collection is made from materials that give off an air of elegance and refinement, so you should definitely try them out. 

Customizable Options

We know that every body is special and different. So, we give you custom-made choices to ensure they fit perfectly for each customer. Our promise of personalized service goes further than just picking the correct size—we are strong believers that every person should have an experience where they feel at ease and certain with their clothes on. 

Attention to Detail

Detail is the essence of our work. We pay careful attention to every part of making dresses, from the first idea to the final touches. At the start of our design, we think deeply about each part—whether for long or short prom dresses. We pick only the best materials with great care, making sure they meet our high requirements for top quality and long-lasting strength. 

Comfortable Luxury

We have faith in luxuriousness that is not only seen but also felt. This approach motivates our desire to provide comfortable luxury with each piece of clothing we make. Starting with the instant you put on a dress, we want you to feel the change that good workmanship brings. Our team makes sure that from morning to evening, you feel and look amazing.

Statement Pieces

Our floral prom dresses are statement clothes that demand focus and praise in any location you go to. We take care of every single dress we have. They are made with intricate details showing off lively flower designs, which make these items truly unique among others present. You can select from strong, vivid flower prints or soft, light pastel shades.


1. What makes Minna Fashion's strapless dresses unique?

Minna Fashion's floral dresses are special because they mix traditional grace with contemporary charm. Every piece of clothing is made carefully, focusing on the details and showing love for good workmanship. This makes the garment trendy and lasting in value.

2. Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we do ship internationally. Shipping fees and delivery duration can differ based on the country being shipped to. You may inquire with our customer support staff for more details about international transportation alternatives.

3. How do I care for my Minna Fashion dress?

To make your dress last long, we suggest you go by the care guidelines given on the dress label. Usually, most of our floral prom dresses can be washed carefully by hand or taken to professional dry cleaners - it depends on what kind of fabric they are made from. Keep away from too much heat and direct sun so as not to fade or spoil the delicate material.

4. What is your return policy? 

We wish you to feel entirely content with your purchase at Minna Fashion. If there is any reason that makes you unhappy about your floral prom dress, within 30 days of receiving it, we will accept its return and give back all money or exchange for another item as per your liking. Kindly note: returned items must be in original condition including tags attached.

5. Are Minna Fashion's floral prom dresses customizable?

We have a variety of standard sizes that can fit different body types, but if you need a more tailored fit, we offer customization options as well. Our team of skilled seamstresses will make changes to hemlines, necklines, and other details for your perfect fit.