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Collection: Petite Evening Gowns

In summer, there are many weddings, celebrations, and important events, prompting us to release a brand-new collection of petite evening gowns. These dresses are the perfect fit for all occasions, combined with some of the best materials suitable for the season.

Sense the magic of our custom-made dresses, and feel unique everywhere you go. Designed, crafted, and tailored with love, these dresses promise to give you confidence and joy wherever you go. Check out the collection below!

Movie-like Experience with Petite Evening Gowns 

Experience the high-end quality of our handmade gowns, destined to fulfill the dreams of being a unique lady. With our one-of-a-kind dresses, that dream is guaranteed, as countless hours were spent designing, manufacturing, and custom-making each dress.

Wide Selection of Evening Attire

This season's petite evening gowns are destined to fit the needs of every dazzling woman who desires to feel the most confident, interesting, and exciting she has ever been. 

Our tailors have spent countless days working to fulfill your wishes by creating a wide selection of evening attire. This selection includes a variety of colors, cuts, designs, and details to ensure that the only thing you miss is a crown.

Enjoy Unique Fabrics That Feel Luxurious

These petite evening gowns ensure that you feel luxurious at any event you go to. Get ready to receive many questions about the dress since it is made with the most unique fabrics that certainly stand out. We always go for the best, posh, quality-proven materials, ranging from chiffon to velvet. The end result? A fantastic gown that turns heads everywhere it goes. 

Radiate Finesse with Stunning Evening Gowns

This collection’s evening gowns are the perfect blend of passion and extravagance. Through their fancy textures and radiating colors, they are perfect for letting the fashion speak for you. Combined with various sleeve cuts, diamond detailing, and slits, Minna’s dresses allow you to be intense, flirtatious, and attractive.

Take the Spotlight with Classic Dresses

Experience the charm of a dancing queen through our ballroom-perfect dresses. The hand-stitched details of these gowns will provide you with a dreamlike presence. For an extra dose of bling, our team included rhinestones to achieve the ultimate princess feeling. This will let you waltz between extravagance and elegance, just the way you like it. 

Experience Out of the Ordinary Styles

Get out of your comfort zone and be a true fashionista with our unique petite dresses. These gowns are more than normal evening gowns, they are unique works of art that captivate the eye and illuminate your presence. These petite evening gowns guarantee that your fashion piece will be as timeless as the impression you will make.  

Feel the Perfection for Any Body Type

Beauty comes in all sizes. Don’t feel worried about finding the right size of the dress because Minna’s petite evening gowns are specifically designed to fit all body shapes and sizes. We know how to hug your bodies the right way, helping you become the ultimate “it” girl. The only thing left for you to think about is the color of your dress, as we’ll handle all the rest. 

Say Yes to the Perfect Match

While exploring different petite evening gowns, you should try to envision the idea of what you want your attire to look like. Consider the details of the dress and what would make you feel good about it. Remember that you can always accessorize, but Minna’s dresses make enough of a statement on their own. 

As for hair and makeup, a bun will be the perfect look if you are aspiring for a princess-like image. We suggest you combine the look with simple, glowing makeup of highlighter and blush. Make sure to include lip gloss as well, and you’ll be good to go.

It doesn’t matter if you like simple or extravagant dresses, dazzling or one-color materials, or puffy or bodycon shapes. At Minna Fashion, you can find dozens of different petite evening gowns, so give them a try!


1. How can I pay for my petite evening dress?

You can pay with PayPal, Google & Apple Pay, Credit and debit cards, and more.

2. Are petite evening gowns suitable for all body shapes?

Yes, they are suitable for all body shapes and sizes. Visit our sizing chart to find out more about the options that we offer.

3. Can I customize my petite evening gown?

Yes, you can. Our team customizes dresses for your specific event or personal style. To learn more, contact our staff.