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Collection: Long-Sleeve Formal Dresses Collection

As your special event approaches, long-sleeved formal dresses perfectly unveil the evening's elegance. Our dresses offer a unique style with a calm sensation of pureness, summer, and modesty. With attention to detail and quality, we ensure that our dresses are elegant and stunning, helping attractive and confident for different events with friends and family.

Start today by exploring the Minna collection, uniquely crafted to elevate your style and confidence for any occasion. From simple dresses to more complex designs, each dress is created with a distinctive flair to enhance your style.

Our Handmade Long-Sleeve Formal Dresses 

Step into the world of fashion and choose one of our long-sleeved formal dresses, which are nothing short of masterpieces. Our collection includes different dresses suitable for summer, spring, or even winter. Explore your vision and discover the most beautiful selection of handmade long-sleeved formal dresses, ready to be worn by you

Unique Fabrics 

With Minna Fashion, you can explore unique fabrics of elegant long-sleeve dresses. They are designed to your sophistication and charm based on your preferences. Choose from delicate lace to a more specific fabric that brings you glamour and a beautiful appearance. Our long sleeve formal dresses ensure you are embraced with grace, elegance, and great memories. 

Special Sleeves 

Minna Fashion offers a variety of tailored dresses, and their long sleeves are the least remarkable thing about them. Our designers make sure each garment is crafted to perfection, fitting your body beautifully. Our collection of elegant sleeve formal dresses features unique details that you won’t find anywhere else, so that’s another great plus. 

Careful Craft 

Our collection of elegant long-sleeved formal dresses features one thing: special care and attention to detail. Delicate pleating and floral motifs ensure that each dress is stunning and mesmerizing, ready for the dancefloor. The best materials are waiting for you, so check out our long-sleeve collection and achieve unmatched comfort for style at every event. 

Relive Your Beauty 

Our long-sleeve formal dresses are made to cater to your unique features. They showcase your body with a touch of elegance and charm that brings all the spotlights down to you. One thing’s for certain: you will stand out from the crowd and embrace your style with full grace. 

Unmatched Elegance

Fill your wardrobe with elegance through Minna’s long-sleeve formal dresses. This collection offers styles of any kind, from long, flowy gowns to cute short dresses. These dresses will certainly let you shine with irresistible charm and offer a playful style that hypnotizes all. 

Unique Styles

Ultimately, our dresses let you immerse in a unique style that creates the essence of sophistication. With Minna, you enhance your own beauty and give life to the details that either make or break a look. Let yourself become part of an elegant world, and find the best long-sleeved formal dress today.

Choosing the Perfect Long-Sleeve Formal Dresses 

Shopping for the perfect dress is a unique experience that lets you bring your most inspiring visions to life. When searching for the perfect formal dress, consider your body figure, style, and preferences. The goal is to feel comfortable and beautiful, so seek that out.

For a speechless look, find the perfect makeup style that complements your dress. Thanks to your attire's natural sparkle, you will surely bring the light wherever you go. 


Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we offer both local and international delivery of your dresses. Fees and costs depend on the country, but our transfers are completely secure. 

Do you have specific sizes for elegant long-sleeved dresses?

Not in particular. We offer different sizes from SX to XL. Moreover, we adjust the dresses to your figure and measurement. You just need to tell us your body type and measurement, and we’ll fix it for you. 

Do you make alterations to your dresses? 

Of course! We understand that sometimes you want to change the style or add details that match your preferences. In this way, you make yourself comfortable. All you have to do is contact us for the changes, and we’ll do our best to deliver them. 

What makes your long-sleeve formal dresses different from others?

The texture, design, and attention to detail make our dresses stand out. All of our long-sleeved formal dresses are made with high-quality materials, which is why we have so many happy, recurring clients. 

For what occasions are long-sleeve formal dresses ideal? 

Most of the time, long-sleeve formal dresses are ideal for special events, birthdays, or anniversaries. The more serious the setting, the more you’ll fit in with your long-sleeve formal dress. 

Can I return a dress if I change my mind? 

This depends on the type of dress and the duration in which you changed your mind. For more detailed information, please contact us on how to initiate a return.