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Collection: Feather Prom Dress Collection

Proms are magical, which is why you should dress the part. For your special occasion, Minna has unleashed the feather prom dress collection. These dresses feature intricate feather detailing, which is carefully crafted for added visual appeal. 

From detailed feathers meticulously arranged at the neckline, sleeves, or hem to the daring strapless, mini, and flawless full-length gowns, all pieces are the epitome of brilliant sewing. Whether you want to make a grand entrance at prom or sway stylishly on the dance floor, a feather prom dress will help you do just that. Explore our fantastic collection now!

Fashion’s Finest Feather Prom Dress Selection

This year’s feather prom dress collection has something for every girl. Our talented designers have left no stone unturned. Anything from chic, romantic, sleek, or vintage—name a design or fabric, and it’s here for your mesmerizing delight.

Enjoy Maximum Comfort & Style

Prom is synonymous with dancing, and your dress should not get in the way of fun. That’s why our feather prom dress collection comes as a unique blend of style and comfort. Each dress is crafted to give you maximum comfort. Step on the dance floor feeling confident and stunning as the feathers flutter and sway mesmerizingly with your every move.

Channel a Model’s Confidence With Slits

Designed for the bold and beautiful, this collection has dresses for any girl who isn’t afraid to show some leg. Our designers didn’t just place slits but slits that are breathtaking and hot. These high-slit dresses come in sequins, rhinestones, crystals, and pearls, thoughtfully embellished to add a hint of drama for that grand entrance and even grander exit.


Go Vintage With a Twist of Modern Chic

For the girl that prefers the classic vibe, our feather prom dresses collection is what you want for that simple and classic look. Our intricately arranged feather detailing give the good old vintage designs a hint of fun and modern flair. What a delightful way to relive the runway-worthy styles of the 90s and 80s.

Shine On with Mesmerizing Hues

The color selection of this feather prom dress collection promises pure delight with a hint of vibrancy. For the bubbly girl, bold metallics, vibrant oranges, bold reds, or the sophistication of royal blue will set the mood for a fun night. For the laid-back girl, white, light blue, or the timeless little black dress will add a layer of elegance to your look.

Float with Delightful Feather Accents

Feathers add a sense of lightness to any outfit, which is most evident in these stunning outfits. If you ever wished for a look that is straight out of a fashion magazine, our fashion’s finest feather dress collection will let you catwalk into prom, feeling on top of the world like the fashion goddess that you are.

Vast Stylish Options for You

Our feather prom dresses collection has something for everyone. With precise design, this collection caters to every unique style preference. Get ready to showcase your individualism and personality with boldness at prom.

Whether you want a piece with feathers covering the entire silhouette, just on the skirt or hemming the dress, our designers have thoughtfully played with the patterns to create an array of designs in different quality fabrics.

Styling a Feather Prom Dress

Feathers add whimsical playfulness to any dress, so you should definitely have fun styling your feather prom dress.

Aim to be as unique as your elegant dress is, keeping in mind that little is always more. Feather-themed accessories complete the look, allowing you to steal the show. Go for a feathered clutch and feather-themed earrings to enhance the elegance.

As for the shoes, there is no way you are toning down on the glam. Pair your feather prom dress with high heels and create a showstopper look for the beauty that you are.

Our feather prom dress will give you a statement look. Soft glam makeup, such as natural matte foundation and matte liquid lipstick, will be a perfect pairing.

Proms are for creating lasting memories. Our feather prom dresses will make you glamorous —both in person and in photos. Browse through this collection for that special dress that will crown your special night and find the one for you!


1. Should I worry about the dress’ feathers falling off?

No, you don’t have to worry about feathers falling off. Our feather prom dresses are crafted with high professionalism. The feathers are carefully attached to give each dress enhanced integrity.

2. How do I clean my feather prom dress?

Feather gowns are fragile, so we suggest getting them cleaned professionally. If you need to clean it yourself, be sure to adhere to the provided cleaning instructions for each dress.

3. Can I find my size in your feather prom dress collection?

We offer a vast array of dress sizes catering to different body types. Furthermore, we can customize any dress to your preferred size. Utilize the size chart that comes with each selection to see whether your size is available.

4. Can I swap my dress for another size if I chose the wrong size initially?

Our objective is to provide you with an exceptional shopping experience. Should your purchase fall short of your expectations, we offer a seamless return and exchange policy. Please review our return policy in detail.

 5. What is the duration of your delivery process?

We aim to get your dress to you as quickly as possible through our efficient delivery system to avoid any delays. After we send out your order, we provide you with a tracking number so you can monitor its progress. To learn more, check out our shipping policy page.